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How do these products come to be on StevensStuff? In most cases I begin looking for them out of necessity. (Perhaps that’s poor word choice: Arielle would probably question the necessity of the banana slicer ($2.89 / Prime!) I purchased last year, so perhaps desire is a better fit, but I digress.) Others are inventions of Amazon’s wondrously customer-centric basket analysis and recommendation algorithms that have deduced the precise products to display to me at precisely the right times. And yet others are things recommended by friends.

I research products on Amazon and rely upon review count and content, average rating, and price as some of my driving criteria for my own purchases. I only endorse products I have personally used, which is generally only products with 4+ star ratings and several hundreds or thousands of reviews.

The products featured on this site are those purchases with which I’ve been especially pleased and want to share with my friends.

I also share PROTIPS: pieces of advice that others might find helpful in various situations. They usually involve saving money, but sometimes I might surprise you.

Speaking of money – and in the interest of full disclosure – most of the links on this site are affiliate links. Amazon pays me a very small % of each purchase that is generated from my site. It’s by no means significant but I won’t turn it down!

Please enjoy. And if you have any cool product suggestions I should look at, let me know!


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