Mini Knife Sharpener ($5.99 / Prime)

Knife SharpenerThis knife sharpener makes me happy. Not just because it does its job, but because it’s one of those rare purchases you can make for under $6 that has true utility. Receiving it with free 2-day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime was just icing on the cake.

The KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip Knife Sharpener is as straightforward as knife sharpeners get. There’s a path for coarse sharpening (for your knives that are really screwed up) and one for finer sharpening (for more minor tweaks to your blade.)

Is it a high-end, industrial-grade piece of equipment? Clearly not. It’s small, made of plastic, and definitely feels like something that cost $6. But it does get the job done, and for the average at-home do-it-yourself sharpener, these more than suffice! (That said, if you are looking for a professional, I do know a guy!)

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