Magnasonic Projection Clock Radio ($29.99 / Prime)

Magnasonic Projection Alarm ClockI’ve relied on my cell phone as an alarm clock for so many years that I’ve literally not owned a bedside clock radio in as long. This changed last week when I purchased the Magnasonic MAG-MM176K AM/FM Projection Clock Radio.  In addition to being the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Clock Radios category, it is also cheaper and better than any of the clock radios I’ve seen at local retailers.

It’s got some cool features that I won’t harp on too much since many clock/radios have them… but things like dual alarms, auto-time set, and temperature display are always nice.

But the real benefit of this clock is that it actually projects the time onto your ceiling or wall without creating any additional light. Open your eyes any time of night and you can conveniently see the time in giant numbers on the ceiling, but it does not generate enough light to actually be noticeable (even in a totally dark room) unless you are already looking at it.

That combined with the digital AM/FM radio tuner make this clock radio a no-brainer if you’re in the market. Highly recommended!

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