AmerTac Motion Sensor Night Light ($8.01 / Prime)

Motion Sensor Night LightNot being able to see at night sucks. But having to clench your eyes shut so you don’t go blind as you flip a light switch isn’t great either.

The AmerTac night light was my solution. It plugs into a wall socket and simply waits for you to walk in front of it. Immediately it will turn on a dim light that provides enough light to see an outline of the room but not so much light as to be unpleasant. They’re especially great for illuminating hallways and bathrooms.

I bought two of these about a year ago and have never been disappointed. In fact, that I’ve had these for 12 months and never thought to write about them until a friend commented on them today is a testament to their greatness. I plugged them in when it was still 2013 and haven’t thought about them since: they do their job and are basically a fixture at this point.

The only thing cooler than what it does do is what it doesn’t do: waste energy and jack with your power bills. According to my Kill-a-Watt tests, it uses exactly 0 W when it is not actually powering the light.

There are some similar products that come in packages of 3+ for > $25, but with these barely pricing in at $8, they’re a great buy no matter how many you need.

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