Misto Oil Sprayer ($8 / Prime)

misterI stumbled upon the Misto Oil Sprayer lovely idea at Costco a few weeks ago and promptly found it on Amazon for half the price.

What is this? Only the coolest thing to enter our kitchen since that awesome little knife sharpener. Or that crazy pizza oven.  Oh, the SodaStream, how could I forget the SodaStream?

Anyway, this is an oil sprayer. Simply fill it with your cooking oil of choice, give it a few pumps to pressurize the container, and spray away!

Use it to give meat or fish a light coating, use it to spray down the grates on your grill, or give popcorn that extra bit of zest and stick before throwing on the seasoning.

One warning: it’s not the cleanest thing ever. After a couple months of use, the entire thing has a hint of yellow from small leaks, and the entire canister has that icky oily feel. But it gets the job done and we use it frequently.

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