Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($23.99 / Prime)

lepowLove listening to music but hate the way it sounds coming out of your tiny phone speaker? Join the club. Phones may be getting better at audio but they’re not going to replace a  nice set of speakers anytime soon.

While this won’t either, it was versatile enough to get my attention. Lepow in its Lepow Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($23.99 / Prime!) has given us a small, easy-to-use speaker that pairs seamlessly to smartphones and provides a sound experience unparalleled by anything of its size and price.

Pairing is a breeze and its ease cannot be overstated: I’ve had several people come over and have no trouble pairing right to this. And it charges with a (included) standard micro-to-USB, making it especially easy to keep the party going. (It also lasts several hours on a single charge.)

Available in blue, green and orange, this is one you won’t want to miss.

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