Watch Band Link Remover ($6.79 / Prime)

SE JT6218 Watch Band Link RemoverThis past week I grew somewhat frustrated looking for someone to resize a watch I bought online. I’d already spent a pretty penny on it and wasn’t keen on dropping another $20+ to have it resized. Watching the jeweler tap out the little pins always makes me feel a little dumb: “I could do that myself,” I always think, “if I only had that damn tool.”

Enter the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover. For under $7 and about 2 minutes of Youtube education, you too can resize watch bands to your heart’s content.

I’ve already had use for this several times and it has not failed me. In addition to saving money, it’s also way more convenient than having to take your watch somewhere.

Definitely a purchase I will recommend (though obvious reasons I would not suggest this for higher end watches.)

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