Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Abco Tech ($23.99 / Prime)

Bluetooth Shower SpeakerEveryone loves to jam out in the shower, but some showers today are still constructed without built-in surround sound systems.

Never fear: the Abco Tech Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker is here!

This nifty device has a giant suction cup on the bottom that is perfect for sticking to the wall or door of many showers: just be sure you have a flat, non-porous surface available.

Turn on the power and the speaker easily pairs to your smartphone. Play tunes from Grooveshark, Spotify, PowerAmp, or any media player and listen with surprising clarity.

The unit has buttons for power, forward/back to switch songs, and a phone button to make and answer calls. The built-in mic has a great filter and while the person on the other end will hear some mild distortion, it is still more than adequate for conversation and they will be none the wiser as to your whereabouts. And you can also hold down the forward/back to remotely adjust the volume.

The great thing about this, aside from being able to control most aspects of your listening experience from within the shower, is that you can actually leave your phone in another room while you listen. Many people do not realize the damage that the humidity in a steamy bathroom does as the water seeps into electronics, but I’ve heard reports of it activating the moisture sensors and appearing as water damaged if taken to the carrier for service. Since buying this speaker, I leave my phone in the bedroom.

My company complaint about this is that It uses a non-standard charging cable instead of a micro USB. But overall I felt this was a lovely buy, and at $23.99 Prime, it was a no-regrets purchase that I simply couldn’t pass up. I’ve had mine for slightly over 3 months and am still very pleased.

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